Know the Signs

  1. Threatens you and/or children

  2. Hits walls, throws things or tries to scare you

  3. Intentionally embarrasses you in front of family and friends

  4. Controls where you go and who you go with

  5. Monitors whom you speak with

  6. Constantly accuses you of cheating

  7. Pressures you sexually

  8. Blames you for how you feel or act

  9. Threatens to kill him/herself if you leave

  10. Threatens to cancel visa, threats of deportation, withholding access to immigration documents

  11. Financial control, no access to bank accounts/safe deposit box, forcibly taking away earnings, forcing you to quit your job.



Am I Experiencing Abuse?

  1. Are you frightened by your partner's temper?

  2. Are you afraid to disagree?

  3. Has your partner even degraded you and/or your children verbally?

  4. Has your partner kept you from having equal access to the finances?

  5. Has your partner stopped you from making friends or staying in contact with family members?

  6. Has your partner stopped you from learning English or working against your will?

  7. Does your partner ever ....

    • Threaten you or your children with physical violence?

    • Does your partner make it difficult or impossible for you to reach out to family and friends

    • Strike you or your children?

    • Deny you money, access to the family car, or contact with friends or family?

    • Threaten you with deportation and/or threaten to "cancel" your Green Card?

    • Force you to perform sexual acts against your will?

    • Accuse you of having affairs or get jealous for no reason?

    • Threaten to injure you or them if you leave?

Where Can I Seek Help?

  1. Talk to someone you trust (a friend, family member, community member, or peer)
  2. Contact your local DV agency (such as Kiran)
  3. Seek help from your physician, therapist, etc.
  4. If you are in immediate danger, CALL 911